September 27, 2002

I’ve received an offer to translate the Blog documentation to Italian by sOLTiCE. Thanks sOLSTiCE! And of course Tyran tells me that the help file he’s doing will include 7.0 features as well and so we might actually be able to release the help files to coincide with the release of Blog 7.0 final. Actually, considering how slow progress has been recently, this is more than a likely possibility. I think I have fixed most of the bugs but there is one persistent bug which gives me trouble – the one dealing with the custom snippet buttons on the toolbar. I can always reproduce the problem but fixing it seems almost impossible due to the way the customization feature is coded. The Action toolbars in Delphi are fairly complex to begin with (I mean adding/removing buttons via code …) and the stuff I’m doing is even worse. Ah well, persevere, persevere :p

Oh yes, except for the bugs, there are a few changes to be made or rather, additional features to be included since Nigel tells me that the digest feature is almost there but not quite :p I see his point about the changes he wants (he wants the ability to strip HTML code from entries for the digest …) but I also feel bad about doing something arbitrarily without giving the user choice since another use may feel differently about the matter. So I’ll probably include one option or a bunch of options for various tags, depending on how I want to implement it …

There’s a major change coming in my life on the real life front but I can’t tell you what it is yet since there are a few people who need to be told about it first. But rest assured that all will be revealed in a matter of a couple of weeks … Unfortunately, this change probably is going to affect the release of Blog 7.0 as well … But c’est la vie!

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