September 13, 2002

Ok, even though I haven’t got any feed back from the private beta testers yet <g>, I’ve decided to release a public beta of Blog 7.0 🙂 There are several reasons for this: a) I realize that the private beta testers do have their own lives and might not always have the time to do intensive testing b) a larger group of people will always find more bugs more quickly c) I’m using the current build and don’t have any problems with it (but of course, I’m not using any of the newer features :p) d) I realize that there are a lot of people eagerly awaiting the public beta (and one of them’s you, Steve :p). So taking all of that into consideration, I decided that I might as well go for broke and do a public beta – so there it is on the side bar 🙂

A few words of caution before you go ahead and upgrade – or do a completely new install. I’ve included both an installer version and the usual self-extracting upgrade. If you are an existing user, it would be safer to use the self-extracting upgrade than the installer and even if you use the installer, make sure that you select the upgrade option *and* see that the data files option is deselected in the installer. I really wouldn’t want Blog to overwrite your data files. That of course brings us to the second point (or should this be the first point?), always backup your whole Blog directory before an upgrade, just in case …

Anyway, it should be fairly simple for new users since all they have to do is use the installer and then start learning all about Blog while looking out for the bugs in 7.0 :p But for existing users, after the upgrade, take a look at the Blog.txt file (especially the What’s New section and the section which explains the Blog tags since essentially that’s all that’s changed since the last release …) and the new Templates.txt file. The first will explain all the new Blog tags that you can use to get features such as Digest subscription/unsubscription and comments working while the second has basic template examples for all the new types of templates as well as the older journal template with all the new tags put in. So take a look at all that, modify your existing templates and start blogging – and of course, let me know when you find a bug or encounter a problem 🙂

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