September 14, 2002

One very important fact that I forgot to mention yesterday when I released the Blog 7.0 Beta is that you have to run Blog in Server mode for anything which relies on e-mail to do the work – such as remote entries, comments and the digest feature. So, if you want comments on your site via Blog, then set Blog to Server mode (as long as you don’t have it auto-publish on timed intervals, Server basically works almost the way Standard mode does except for checking an e-mail account before each publish operation …) and fill in the information for the POP and SMTP servers and the e-mail address asked for – this e-mail address is used to fill in the To: value for comments, digest subscriptions etc. and so is important. Now you should be set to go.

However, I should mention one thing that I keep on forgetting to mention. It would be wisest if you get a separate e-mail address (with POP access not a web based one …) if you’re going to use the comments system or have a heavy-traffic digest list. Why? Because you’re liable to end up with confusion otherwise. Most e-mail clients seem to complain if you try to connect to the same server from two different apps at the same time – so if you have Blog in Server mode and are publishing and your e-mail client is doing an automatic mail check at the same time, the results are going to be unpredictable. Worse yet, if your mail client is set to not leave messages on server (as I would think most people would be apt to …) and you check your mail before Blog does, any Blog relevant e-mails (comments, entries, digest subscriptions) would be lost since Blog will never see them. So to avoid all this confusion, I’d say get a different e-mail address for Blog but then again, if you have a certain way of working and are totally disciplined, you might not have to … But don’t say that I didn’t warn you :p

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