September 29, 2002

Nigel discovered the cause for a Blog problem that had been perplexing both of us for some time now. The problem was simply thus: Nigel would make an entry, hit Publish and the journal does not get updated, he’d hit Publish again and it gets updated. The behaviour couldn’t always be reproduced but it seemed to happen quite often. I was at a loss as to what caused it since I use Blog daily and it never happens to me. I looked at Nigel’s settings, still could see nothing wrong. I then thought maybe he was using ZoneAlarm like Jim but that wasn’t the case either. Nigel finally found the reason himself 🙂

The reason? There is a bug in Blog that I had completely overlooked. When you have your images upload to a separate folder and you use images in your entry, that is when the bug occurs! The reason is that Blog changes folders to the image folder on Publish and then does not change back to the blog folder. So the first time when you have images to upload, the journal gets uploaded to the image folder and when you publish again, it gets uploaded to the correct location since the image list (for uploading) gets cleared after the Publish is complete. If anybody else is having similar problems, now you know the cause :p I will fix this for the next release – which I think I’ll try to do within the next week as Beta 6. I don’t know when the final release will be since I want to conclusively fix a couple of issues before the final release …

What are the things that I want to fix? One is the custom snippet toolbar problems – for which I still haven’t been able to find a solution which always works. The other is something that Duane Brosius pointed out – he mentioned to me that he couldn’t see the scrollbar on the Journal Dialog’s templates tab and that certain buttons weren’t visible on dialogs unless they were maximized. I wasn’t sure what caused it till Duane provided the answer himself – he’s using large fonts and I’m not! I have looked through the Delphi knowledgebases and it looks as if I’m already implementing the suggestions they have for making large fonts work properly (at least, I was implementing everything except for assigning a scalable font to the form …) so I’d like to find a solution for that problem too before the final release. BTW, I can’t seem to find out where to set large fonts in Windows XP – or rather, when I set large fonts from the Appearance tab of the Display properties (which is the only place where I can seem to find a large fonts setting – I thought it was in a different place in Win9x? I just can’t seem to recall where though …), it doesn’t seem to make a difference to Blog – it works fine. I don’t know if my screen resolution (1024×768) has something to do with it too … Maybe I should try at 800×600?

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