September 5, 2002

Further bug fixes, improvements I forgot to add and minor new features were all added to Blog 7.0 yesterday. Unless I forgot something major that I intended to include in this release, I think that’s as far as new features go and there will now be a freeze on feature addition. I started the testing yesterday and was able to go through the stuff like the new templates, the new archival tags, the displaying of entered comments and the links for creating new comments and the categorization displays – it all worked fine! Yes, there were certain things where there were bugs in the code or logical errors and I had to fix them but now it all works fine :p But I still haven’t tested any of the stuff that works off of e-mail – digest subscription/unsubscription, how comments received via e-mail are handled, the deletion of existing an entry by the same author for the same date and time if the message body is empty (yes, I added that as well) or even the replacement of an existing entry in the same scenario if there is a message body. I’ll have to do all of that sometime today – or if I don’t have the time, release a private beta anyway since I’m going to be away from my computer for a couple of days …

There are a few caveats to the new features however. The remote editing and deleting of entries will probably work only from Blog running in Client mode since the date and time for the entry has to be exactly the same down to a fraction of a second and I don’t think you can set those values specifically from an e-mail program – even if you resend an older e-mail, (which Eudora and a few other mail clients allow you to do even if Outlook doesn’t :p) I’m not sure that the client sends it with the older date and time – it probably inserts a new time at least. So if you want remote editing/deleting, you’ll probably have to use Blog in Client mode to do the original entry as well as the changes. While not as flexible as being able to blog from anywhere, this is better than nothing … I hope <g>

There are also going to be a few mysterious setting droppings when you switch to the new build :p I’ve had to rename some of the INI file settings – especially for Server/Client mode e-mail stuff and for some stuff on the Firewall tab – and so you might find that old settings that you had have disappeared. Go through each tab of your options dialog carefully to make sure that you have everything set the way you want. Oh yeah, categorization is not retroactive and will not assign a default category to all your existing entries – you will have to do that manually if you want to go that route. I’m simply planning to use categorizations from the current point onwards and that’s that 🙂

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