September 16, 2002

It’s 3:00 am in the morning and I can’t sleep – so I thought I’d announce Blog 7.0 Beta 3 :p But first, an apology to all the people that I ranted about yesterday saying that nobody read the posts here before upgrading – I had totally forgotten that BetaNews also hosts a download of Blog and that people who download from there wouldn’t see any of my posts. I’ve asked Eddie at BetaNews to put in some basic instructions for upgrading users who might want to use the installer version of Blog to upgrade – hopefully, that’ll prevent any further disasters or loss of data.

Very important note for existing Blog 7.0 beta users! This upgrade should not be installed on top of your existing Blog installation! The upgrade contains some files which will overwrite certain data files – I couldn’t figure out how to do it in a uniform manner that would not mess it up for everybody and so had to come up with this not so optimal method. First, run the self-extracting exe for the upgrade and extract to a temporary folder. Now copy over only the Blog.exe file from there to your Blog directory. These instructions only apply to existing Blog 7.0 Beta users (Blog version 6.90 and above …) If you are a Blog 6.0 user who wants to upgrade, you can simply extract the upgrade to your Blog folder but still I’d advice extracting to a temporary folder and then copying over since that way you’ll always know what’s being overwritten and stop if it looks as if something is wrong. If uncertain, ask me …

So what’s new in Beta 3? First of all, there was a bug that was reported by Dominion even before the release of Blog 7.0 – about custom snippet toolbar buttons disappearing when you define a new custom snippet … or even open the definition dialog and click OK, for that matter. I had waited till I got Blog 7.0 out the door before tackling this problem and it turned out to be a doozy to fix but it’s done now – at least I think so. Lemme know if I broke anything in the process :p I’ve also fixed the major bug in Beta 2 where you couldn’t post more than one entry without an error message popping up. I think I also might have fixed the Invalid Media problem with backups but not too sure on that one since I don’t have the problem on any of my machines – turns out that the compression component I was using had a patch to fix that particular problem and I hadn’t applied the patch. Now I’ve applied the patch and so let me know if the problem persists.

Incidentally, I’ve pulled most downloads (especially the Blog 7.0 Betas) from the Tripod site since that’s my main site but they were constantly suspending the site temporarily due to excess bandwidth usage. So if you run into any 404’s with Tripod (as you will <g>), simply download the beta from one of the mirror sites listed in the sidebar.

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