September 24, 2002

Nigel has been testing the digest features extensively (he’s the one who asked for it in the first place :p) and has been coming up with a lot of bugs/errors and possible alterations to features. I’ll probably implement at least some of them but due to the volatile nature of real-lief at the moment, I don’t think I can give you a definite release date for the final or even for the next beta. One major problem that Nigel discovered though was that if you run two instances of Blog at the same time, your INI file gets wiped and that certain database files disappear as well – this is really not good, to say the least. I intend to fix that but in the meantime, keep daily backups. It happened to me as well yesterday and the only thing that I lost were the categorizations assigned to entries (I had no backup earlier than a week …) but it might not be as easy for you to recover.

I have a request now. I’ve heard from a German user who would like a German version of the documentation. Yes, I realize that the documentation does not even begin to cover all the new features in the 7.0 release, but I’d like to get at least the older documentation translated so that a new user can make a beginning. So are there any German or German-speaking volunteers who’d like to do this and help out a fellow user? At the same time, I will take up any other offers to translate the documentation to other language as well.

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