September 18, 2002

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and that puts me in a sort of drugged state. I start being very short with people and the whole world seems to move slowly – or rather I seem to slow down. I don’t like feeling like this at all. Hopefully, my sleeping patterns will go back to normal soon.

I was working on Blog 7.0 Beta 5 yesterday (yes, I have decided to skip a version and go to Beta 5 since there are a couple of people to whom I released Beta 4 privately :p) and ran into a curious problem – floating point numbers would not work properly. I’m not sure whether this is Blog, Delphi or the latest Windows XP patches that I’ve applied but a string value of 6.94 converts to something like 6.940000572 as a floating point number! Because of this problem, my version checking routines in Blog went completely astray and I finally settled on using strings instead of floating point numbers as I’ve been doing till now. That should fix that problem :p

I did add a separate option to have entries in reverse order by time and so now you can set the order of date and time for entries in any combination you like – you can have the entries display in reverse order but for any date, have the entries for that day display in the correct order or vice versa. This should give all Blog users a bit more control as to how exactly they want to display their posts. I’ve also beefed up the installer a bit more so that it does not overwrite existing files except for the Blog.exe and the Blog.txt file. Since this makes the upgrade build obsolete, I’m not going to have one from Beta 5 onwards.

So where’s Beta 5? Why right there on the sidebar :p I’m using Beta 5 right now at home and have had no problems with it. I’ve however been getting a few bug reports for errors that I just can’t reproduce. For instance, a user tells me that he cannot change an assigned category to an entry but I do it all the time – in fact, I don’t think I had a problem with that since the first build of Blog 7.0. However, there was a problem with deleting an entry finding that the category association for it had not been deleted but that was fixed with Beta 3, if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, just download the installer (if you want to upgrade that is) and run it and it should do the needful – but as always, backup before an upgrade …please 🙂

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