September 10, 2002

Anybody who has scrolled down the sidebar on the page would have noticed a new addition – fan signs 🙂 When Jen left a comment about “fan signs” today I was wondering what they were. I’d seen pictures of people with Bun Bun from Sluggy Freelance or some other character from User Friendly painted on some part of their anatomy but I’d never equated these pictures with fan signs. I though they were simply pictures snapped by the people working on those comics at a convention or something – not something that the fans had sent in of their own volition. Now that I have received the first set of fan signs of my own (thanks a lot, Jen!), I think it’s really cool. So send in your own and I’ll be sure to add them :p

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Still no luck with a Blog 7.0 beta 🙁 I got to work yesterday and it turned out to be one big blur from that point onwards – added to the fact that it was a Monday was the fact that I’d not been in on Friday and half of Thursday. Things just seem to pile up. Then, half the people didn’t turn up for work and some of those who did, went back since yesterday there was to be a major political rally in Colombo and people were coming in from all over the island. Major traffic jams were expected and people were told to go home if they thought they’d have problems getting home later due to the rally and guess what? The one who left lived nowhere near the rally taking place :p Ah well, people are so very predictable sometimes …

I did stay at work till normal closing time but there was a lot to be done and just as I thought I’d got through everything and was ready to go home, it turns out that nobody wanted to print a particular article that was supposed to go out yesterday evening and we had no replacement! So I sat down and wrote another but I was totally pissed off – I think it was unfair to get pissed off since I’d received the article in the morning and had thought it wasn’t totally suitable myself but had put it in anyway since it was hard to find replacements at the last moment. Perhaps the people who didn’t want to publish it were right but sometimes I think a dissenting voice isn’t such a bad thing myself :p

Anyway, the outcome of all of this was that I was beat by the time I got home and I just didn’t feel like working on the computer and so I basically sat around and tried to read and then went to bed as early as possible. Maybe today the beta will be ready – who knows? :p

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