September 28, 2002

Thank you to all of you who wished me well (both in the comments and privately …) on my upcoming “secret” venture! I appreciate all of your good wishes and know that with so many people wishing me well, that things will indeed go smoothly 🙂

I’ve also heard from several people on different matters. Jim Woods, who had written to me earlier about occasional FTP problems in Blog for no apparent reason, wrote in to tell me that he’d found that the culprit was ZoneAlarm. So if you’re having sporadic FTP problems in Blog and do run ZoneAlarm, now you know where to look. Andreas Bucher wrote in and kindly volunteered to translate the Blog documentation to German. In fact, he went above and beyond and offered to do a WinHelp file but since Tyran is already doing one, I told him just a translation of the Blog.txt file would do for the moment and that he could always translate Tyran’s help file once he’s done. So thank you all for your kind contributions and for the information you provide that always helps make Blog better 🙂

Nigel has been discussing a feature to strip all HTML code from Blog entries for digests and I sort of gave him the impression that I wanted to discuss this further – but I sneakily coded the feature in already :p At least, I started on it yesterday. I’m simply adding another per-journal setting which specifies whether the strip HTML or not for the digest version. I still haven’t done the HTML stripping code itself though everything else is in place including the call from the digest generation code to the HTML stripping code. I am undecided as to whether to simply drop all text between angle brackets (< and >) or to look for specific keywords like A, IMG etc. The latter method would stop the possibility of an error in the case somebody just wanted to use a greater than or less than sign but will obviously leave in some stuff since I will not have a comprehensive list of HTML tags. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the use of dropping everything between a set of angle brackets – and I’ll try to ensure as far as I can that errant less than or greater than signs are not dropped along with any text between them … I guess the only way to test it is to code it :p

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