September 6, 2002

Couldn’t upload even a private beta of Blog 7.0 yesterday since I was taking the afternoon and today off from work and I was in meetings from almost the time I got to work till the time I left work 🙁 The meetings were basically about me being part of another project group – this time to do a full spectrum multimedia campaign including TV, radio, print-media, posters, street drama etc. While it looks like an interesting project and could provide some good experience, I’m really not sure that I want to be saddled with more work since I already manage about three groups (five if you count the newspaper teams as three separate teams …). Plus, my boss asked my friend Robin and I to come up with a proposal for another new project within two week’s time while we’re doing all the other stuff. I came back to my current employer because I liked the people I had to work with but I’m beginning to remember the reason that I left – they just keep on piling you up with work :p Of course, the fact that a lot of people are leaving the company might also have something to do with the distribution of work being the way it is …

Anyway, I left around noon, got home and left for Kurunegala with my parents. It is over two hour’s journey and guess what we discovered when we got there? Our house had been burgled again! This is the second time for our Kurunegala house since I got back (and I’ve been back only for about eight months …) and the third time in total if we include the Colombo house. This time they took all the clothes in the house (even the sheets off the bed) and a small TV. We’re beginning to think that soon we’ll find even the house gone when we arrive one day 🙁

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