September 11, 2002

I tested further features in Blog 7.0, did further fixes and though the full feature set has still not been fully tested, released a private beta :p I haven’t checked my e-mail yet and since the private beta currently is limited to just three people, there might not be anything for a bit but I will probably open up the beta testing once I am satisfied with my own testing of Blog 7.0. In the meantime, if you told me that you wanted to be included in the beta testing for Blog 7.0 and I didn’t e-mail you, let me know and I’ll tell you where to download it. I have a sneaking feeling that I promised to let a few people know about the beta but had misplaced there e-mails – I need to start a beta test folder now :p

Oh yeah, just after I’d uploaded the beta builds and e-mailed the testers, I discovered a bug which might not allow the testers to proceed at the beginning itself :p There is a new backup facility which lets you backup the Blog data files and the INI file from within Blog itself. I knew the backup facility worked fine since I’d tested it but then I decided to add a backup prompt just before internally upgrading Blog to a newer version and I didn’t test that particular bit since I’d already tested the backup option and of course, it was buggy :p I mean the interaction between the backup operation and the consequent upgrade operation. So I figured out what was wrong and fixed it but when I tried to upload the new build, some of the mirror servers started giving me trouble. I finally left it at that but I’m not even sure which build the beta testers are using now – hopefully they’ve read this post and know what’s happening :p

At least, we’ve entered the beta testing phase but I still have to test the comments inclusion and exclusion features and the actual sending out of a digest. The latter is probably going to be the most irritating to test since the digest publication is an automated function which takes place only on the first day of the week or the month – maybe I should add a menu option to manually trigger the event? I think I should, it’ll make my testing easier and probably help out some poor user who can’t get the digest out for some reason and now has to wait till next week or month <g> Darn! I said no more features but what the heck …

There was a slightly funny development on the whole burglary issue yesterday. Our neighbour from Kurunegala called yesterday to tell us that there was a sarong (it’s a kind of garment you tie around your lower body – worn instead of pants) on the kitchen floor and that it hadn’t been there the previous day. Immediately, we started thinking that another burglary had taken place and that the thieves had dropped the sarong. Of course, we hadn’t left any clothes behind this time and so the question was where did the sarong come from. Later it turned out that my cousin had come around to make the house was OK, taken a bath and had left his sarong on the kitchen floor :p Ok, maybe it wasn’t that funny …

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