September 15, 2002

First of all, I’d like to ask the people who are posting bugs in comments to kindly stop doing so. I would prefer to keep the comments to just … umm… comments <g> and use the forums or direct e-mail to me for discussing bugs. This way, there is a proper track of it without me (or another user) having to hunt through all the comments to find something. I’ve been receiving quite a few bug reports and I’ll discuss the bugs in a bit (and thank you for all the bug reports, I appreciate them!) but that brings me to another point that’s been bothering me a bit.

When I say “beta release”, I do mean it. It’s partially tested software, could be buggy and you certainly aren’t supposed to install it over your production system! I release the software only so that those adventurous souls out there might install it as a *separate copy* and try out the new features and let me know of any bugs they might find because I probably will not discover all the bugs there are because I probably will not use all the different combinations and permutations of features. The other things is, I would expect you to read the notes on these entries here before you install any release – while I do try to keep the documentation updated, sometimes it just doesn’t happen and any important information that I’d want you to know is given right here. So don’t just go and install the release without reading about it first – it just creates too many problems and I just don’t have the time it would take to give support for all the problems you create for yourselves by doing so …

As for the bugs, there seem to be two specific ones at the moment. The backup feature doesn’t seem to work on some machines though I have no idea why and have yet to identify a common-link among the users for whom it doesn’t work. The other one is a bit more serious since it prevents Blog 7.0 Beta 2 from being used in a production-level capacity – you can’t make multiple entries for the same day. I will try to get this fixed and Beta 3 out by tomorrow but remember, beta software is not for everybody :p

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