September 8, 2002

Well … back in Colombo after a few days of gadding about and looking at prospective brides, securing the house etc. We decided not to complain to the police since they’ve been totally useless and inefficient as far as the two other burglaries are concerned. From what we can gather, they do know the parties involved (at least in the case of the first break in at the Kurunegala house ..) but won’t make an arrest because they weren’t “taken care of” – basically weren’t given a bribe. I find this rather irritating and disgusting since that shows a total breakdown in law and order in the country but then again, I’ve been hearing similar (or rather worse) stories from my Indian friends about the situation in their country and so I guess I can’t really complain. It’s just unfortunate that people who are appointed to a position of public trust immediately start working in a manner that erodes that self-same trust.

Added another seven or so sites to the list of sites using Blog and this was actually a short week! I might soon have to go in for a two-column layout for the list of sites and use a smaller font :p A particularly interesting case are this site and this site. On first looks, they might appear to be two entirely different sites but then if you read the contents, you’ll see that it’s the same site – just using two different templates. It was made by Jenny, who is one of the newest Blog users to join the fold :p, and I like the fact that she has actually exploited Blog to it’s full extent in publishing to two different sites with two different templates! While I publish the same blog to multiple sites, I’ve never used multiple templates and I think this is the first time anybody has done so with Blog 🙂

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