September 17, 2002

I’ve been trying to help Jen to upgrade to Blog 7.0 and all I’ve succeeded in doing so far is to wipe out all her entries. I feel terrible since I know how I would feel if I lost all my Blog entries and had to enter all of them from the archives. And I didn’t even ask her to take a backup when we started the archive process because I was so sure that it would be a breeze. I guess it’s true – pride comes before a fall :p She says that she’s got a backup and so I’m hoping that we’ll be able to recover her posts today – guess we’ll see …

On the coding side of things, I’ve actually got Blog 7.0 Beta 4 ready as well. Beta 4 is all bug-fixes (unless I slip in this one extra feature that I’ve been meaning to add but have forgotten to …) but the major change is in the installer. There will not be an upgrade build from Beta 4 onwards since I’ve completely redone the installer so that it will be a smart installer. It will check each and every data file and copy over data files only if they aren’t present – this way any new database files will be added but existing ones will not be overwritten. Since this makes the options of a Full Install and an Upgrade install void, I have taken out the install choices and made it a much more streamlined installer. I intend to do a few more changes to the installer, test it a bit more and then release Beta 4.

So what was the feature that I forgot to add? The ability to orders posts any way you want – currently you can have it either in normal order or reverse order by date and time. But you can’t have posts by reverse order by date but normal order by time or vice versa. So I want to change the existing reverse order option so that it actually becomes too options – reverse order for date and reverse order for time and depending on how the combinations fall, that is how the posts will be ordered. Most probably, that will make it to Beta 4 as well – unless of course, I forget again :p

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