September 4, 2002

Unless I’ve forgotten something, the major work on Blog 7.0 is done 🙂 I finished the archival by category feature yesterday and changed the archive generation UI so that the user can decide whether to generate archives by date or by category. Of course, auto-archiving is still done by date since it would be impractical to do it by category. There’s a bunch of new Blog tags (I have the distinct impression that I said this before :p) and I think one of the biggest problems is going to be documenting all the new tags and what they do and where exactly they can be used, since some of them can be used only in specific places or in combination with specific tags.

Templates have become ubiquitous in this release :p Now you can select templates for the display of comments, for the digest which goes out to subscribers and for the new categorized archives. Coupled with the new Blog tags, this is going to give you a completely new range of display features and options. Hmm… that sounded very much like an advertisement :p Well, maybe not that many new display options but you will definitely spend a lot more time customizing templates if you’re going to use all the different options available in the new release. Of course, I still haven’t created any of the new templates yet since I haven’t tested most of the new features but I should probably get started on that sometime today …

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