September 23, 2002

I was woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call – again! This whole sleepless thing is getting to be a bit too much … I’m not so much sleep deprived anymore since I keep on waking up at around midnight or so but since I can’t go back to sleep for a couple of hours more and since my sleep is pretty irregular after that, I’m becoming a bit worried about the whole thing. Maybe I’m missing winter in the US? :p I don’t know … but we’ll see … maybe it has more to do with other reasons that I haven’t discussed here but then again, why discuss it at all if I can’t discuss the reasons? <g>

Haven’t done as much on Blog coding as I would have wished. I did fix a problem with the installer in that if you select a non-standard directory to install to, it would append “blog” to the end of the path. Tyran pointed this out and I have now fixed that. I’ve also fixed not being able to clear *all* categories once you’ve assigned categories to an entry. However, there is still an AV issue related to custom code snippets but this occurs only during the session when any customizations take place. I have to find the cause on that one and fix it.

I have received quite a few site submissions from people that I haven’t yet added to the list of sites using Blog. I apologize for this but bear with me – I’ve been a bit busy and so it never got done. I will do it soon though …

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