September 26, 2002

I haven’t heard from anybody who would like to do any translations 🙁 But I have heard from Jim at .Net magazine who wants to put Blog on their cover disc and says that it will be part of an article in the magazine 🙂 Other than for DarkStep being included in a few (? not really sure if it was a few or one or none <g>) cover discs and being mentioned in passing in an article written in a trade magazine about skinning, I don’t think my software has ever been highlighted in a magazine – online yes, but a magazine no. So I’m sort of gratified and excited. Of course, print media being what it is, I usually hold no hope till I actually see the thing in print but since I might have forgotten all about it by then, I decided to mention it here 🙂

Tried to fix the second instance of Blog erasing data files problem yesterday and ended up with my complete Blog development directory being wiped out! It just seems to delete all data in the directory – I have no idea why! I hadn’t backed up the Blog source in about a week and lost all the fixes I’d made after Beta 5 was released. I was upset but was able to recover all the documented fixes in next to no time since I already knew what had to be done. I think I also fixed the second instance problem but an irritating problem is that it will not restore the first instance of Blog if it is minimized. I can make it work but don’t know if the trouble is worth it – probably is :p The new changes actually dropped the file size a bit – which at least is a good thing …

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