September 12, 2002

Ran the Blog 7.0 beta through further tests and discovered some major bugs. For instance, there was an infinite loop in the digest sending routine which would keep on sending the same digest version of entries to the list of subscribers ad infinitum – it had sent out around 400 e-mails to me before I realized what was happening and killed Blog :p Fixed that, added a new feature to allow the user to be able to manually send out the current period’s (week or month) digest and did some other minor tweaks and fixes and the next beta was ready. I’ve uploaded it and let the beta testers know but haven’t heard of anything from them yet 🙂

On the other hand, I decided that it was time I upgraded my own personal blog to use Blog 7.0 and I set about it yesterday evening. The conversion went off fine and everything seemed perfectly OK till I noticed a problem – new categories that I added weren’t being immediately displayed; I had to log out and log in again before they would show up. Now I’d made particularly sure that this worked fine when I first coded the new component to display the category list but somewhere along the way some code change must have broken that. So, I sat down and modified the component again till it worked the way I wanted it to. Of course, that means another beta build :p

However, I think this release is stable enough as it stands to undergo public beta testing and so I am hoping to release a public beta this week if possible – perhaps on Friday. This will mean that I’ll need to at least add some explanations for all the new Blog tags to the documentation – perhaps I should also add some sample templates since there are now all sorts of templates in Blog. If I do manage to get the documentation completed, and there is no major bug discovered today, expect a public beta to be announced on Friday – if not …

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