August 31, 2001

First off, I’d like to thank Raymond over at Electro-Concept Mauricie – their support is phenomenal! I am not even a registered PlusMemo user but I told him of a problem that I had with using PlusMemo for Blog and he sent me a fix today! It is refreshing to see companies and people like Raymond and Glenn Crouch over at Addictive Software and to know that there still are people who take customer support seriously 🙂

As far as Blog 5.0 goes, I have got the cookie (and I meant fortune cookies – not the other variety <vbg>) support in and things seem to work great and there isn’t even an appreciable increase in the Blog file size after adding the cookie support because most of the cookie management is done by a different app that I’ve created. It’s called Cee … because Cee is for cookie <vbg> Currently it’s a very rudimentary app which just allows you to enter new cookies one by one or import them at one blow from a text file which is formatted in a specific way. Eventually, I’m hoping to make it a full-fledged signature generator so that you can use the same cookies for your e-mail signatures and for your blog. So why aren’t I still releasing Blog 5.0? Because there is this one annoyance that I’d still like to sort out before I do a release so hang in there just a little bit longer …

Something I forgot to mention yesterday or day before yesterday … or whenever :p jugg suggested that I put up a link on my page for people wishing to sign up for PayPal with me as a referral and I did do that the same day itself but forgot to mention it 🙂 There is now a PayPal button at the bottom of the page and if you click on it, it will take you to their sign up page (I think …) with me listed as referrer … Just thought you might want to know 🙂

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