August 8, 2001

Blog is still having problems with date formats and (seemingly) European machines – or maybe it’s machines running Win98… not enough evidence yet to point one way or another. I’ve been talking to one user from Netherlands and he’s tried almost everything and the weird thing is that things that work on my machine don’t seem to work for him … Since I like to troubleshoot hands-on, I don’t know what else I can do except perhaps to find somebody with the problem who’d like to run VNC for me or something so that I can take a look at the machine first hand. I hate it when problems like this crop up!!

Speaking of problems, I’m having trouble with NewsHoard as well – I have everything done. Connecting to news servers, authentication, getting news group lists, subscribing, getting all articles for a specific group and getting a particular article but I can’t display or save attachments!! All that needs to be done is to decode MIME attachments but the Indy components that I’m using seem to have no clear documentation or examples on how this can be done :p Ah well, once I get that figured out NewsHoard should be ready for its first release …

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