August 19, 2001

Yesterday was interesting – for me :p Didn’t do much coding but did a lot of other stuff that I enjoy doing. I watched “Space Cowboys” – great movie! Clint Eastwood always gives a good performance and I enjoy his movies – some may think it’s a bit over the top and all but hey, who cares? It’s funny and it was interesting and it was even gripping at times. Certainly emotional too. I remember an old book that I read (I think it was called “The Kingmaker”) about a HollyWood movie moghul who thought a script was good only if it made him cry – I am kinda like that <vbg> If a story moves me to shed a tear for the characters, I think it was well written though that is not my only criteria for a good movie. Yes, I do cry at the movies :p I don’t know why they say that men shouldn’t cry … is there any logic to that? 🙂

I then played “Grandia II” and finally completed the game! Grandia is still the best game series ever as far as I am concerned. The sequel seems a bit easier than the first because I never had any problems at all and beat all the bosses pretty easily whereas in the first at the end, I died a couple of times and had to go back and level up. Maybe I’m learning :p I then took up “Final Fantasy IX” again since I’d given up on it the first time I’d tried it. I realized that my problem was in approaching Final Fantasy as I did Grandia and trying to do everything. Grandia doesn’t have too many mini-quests whereas Final Fantasy seems to have a lot more of them and at the very beginning of the game and I was failing miserably since the mini-quests depended on dexterity and quick reflexes and that is not a department that I’m very strong in <vbg> But once I decided to skip the mini-games and just go on with the story, I began really enjoying it – the FMV is fabulous and in a sense even better than Grandia’s on the DreamCast. I guess my old PlayStation still has life in it 🙂

The evening of course went to watching the various shows on the Sci-Fi channel. I’m really looking forward to the season finale of “First Wave” and I have a feeling that it will be something along the lines of Cade having to kill Jordan and the viewers being left in doubt as to whether he did or not or something along those lines … Or it will have to be about whether the second wave started or not … but why speculate? It should be here soon :p Once all the shows were done with, I began reading “Destiny’s Road” – I’d been reading bits for a while now but I didn’t fully get into the rythm of it till now and suddenly the story took hold of me and I was engrossed! I read on till midnight and couldn’t put the book down and finally forced myself to do so around 12:30 and go to bed …

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