August 28, 2001

Tyran and Phil both have written glowing reviews for Blog at BetaNews 🙂 If I had just one or two users like Phil or Tyran for Blog, I would be coding that app for ever but fortunately, I seem to have a lot of users like them who are just interested in improving the app and are always ready to help me out with beta testing, bug hunting etc. For that, I am thankful to all of you 🙂 Of course this is not to say that the users of my other apps are inferior in any way <vbg> Actually, I often wonder what makes me work so much on Blog and neglect Scope and I can’t come up with a really good answer but the closest is probably the fact that I get more feedback with Blog – when somebody uses Blog, I know they are using it because I can see their site and that is gratifying … maybe that’s it or maybe not :p

I still haven’t heard from the PlusMemo people. So, I wrote to another company who have a great memo component, Dream Company, about their Dream Memo component but haven’t heard from them either. I’m beginning to believe that only US companies are generous enough to give away software for free but I would have appreciated at least an e-mail from these people to say that they weren’t interested in giving away their components. Oh well … John did write in immediately yesterday and let me know about SynEdit, which is an open source memo component which allows syntax highlighting but they have two problems – 1) The component doesn’t support word wrap and I do need that 2) It doesn’t seem to be derived from the Rich Edit control and so probably won’t work with Addict 🙁 I guess I could try to modify the source to my needs but I was hoping for a less time consuming solution … Ah well … such is life 🙂

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