August 1, 2001

We have this mock-paintball game running at work where several of us point our finger at anybody else in the game and go “bang!” and they’re dead for about five minutes … I got shot early in the morning by one of the guys driving by as I was walking in from the parking lot and just moments after that another guy drives by and shoots me again <vbg> Nothing like a mock drive-by shooting to get you in a good mood :p

I saw a post about the whole Blog vs. Blogger issue by a Blogger user named FreakHo yesterday on his blog. He talked about trying out Blog and had a list of reasons as to why he personally didn’t like Blog and would continue to use Blogger. Me being me <g>, I had to talk to him and find out more so that I could make Blog better. So I e-mailed him and we’ve been communicating back and forth about Blog, Blogger and the features that he finds lacking in Blog and I’ve actually got quite a few excellent ideas from him. Now the ideas are bubbling and boiling inside my mind and I’ll have to get them out soon by implementing them – ah the curse of coding :p

Speaking of the curse of coding, I have managed to make a lot of headway on the rewrite of Gossip which incidentally has been renamed to NewsHoard – the new name comes by courtesy of KuhnDog. Since the functionality is changing, KuhnDog thought that NewsHoard described the app better and I liked the name and so went for it. The initial release will be version 2.0 however since the codebase is basically that of the original Gossip with some new XML parsing code for working with the newsfeed backends. The UI is not complete by any means but if you’re interested, here’s a screenshot:

I noticed that what seems to be a Dutch variant of ZDNet has an entry about Blog posted on their site but not the English version of ZDNet – weird … Unless the first site is a parody or something like that …

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