August 14, 2001

I might not have much time for posting or for working on any of my apps for the next few days since we are preparing for the deployment of a project that we’d been working on for the last couple of months. The deployment is this weekend and it looks as if I’ll have to work at least Saturday and probably be here till late on Friday too 🙁 Ah well … anyway bear with me (and my silence if you do write to me …) till this weekend is over, I should then be back in full force … or maybe not … <vbg>

I know that NewsHoard is pretty buggy – especially the listviews that display stuff .. particularly the subscribe/unsubscribe dialog. I need to do a lot of work there and I’m already contemplating some major additions to Blog following certain suggestions made by Phil Stopford. ElevateSoft has just released the first beta of DBISAM 3.0, which is the database engine that I use in most of my apps. This release supports client server databases natively and depending on how it’s implemented, I might be going back to the client server version of Blog again as well. The old version is pretty much outdated and needs to be brought up-to-date but I’ve been reluctant to do so since nobody seems to want that functionality but maybe it’s time …

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