August 6, 2001

Well, the weekend went by pretty well but pretty fast 🙂 I didn’t do much coding at all yesterday … mostly I played “Grandia II” on the DreamCast and once again, I am very much impressed by the whole Grandia series. I loved the first one and the storyline on the second is in a certain sense even better than the first. The plot has more twists and turns and unexpected surprises than your average movie 🙂 I think off and on I played about six or seven hours yesterday – I have about two or three more areas to go through before I complete the game … ah well, time to look for another game – perhaps “Dark Cloud” on PS2? But I don’t have a PS2 :p

I have been getting bug reports from users about Blog 3.5 giving a message along the lines of “DBISAM Engine Error # 11949 SQL error – Date, time, or timestamp expression expected, instead found ’07/22/2001′ in WHERE or JOIN clause” when trying to publish journals, where the date is different but the rest of the message is more or less similar. Originally the bug was reported by Alan in BangKok but the date was formatted differently and so I thought that it had something to do with the system date format and so set Blog to explicitly use the mm/dd/yyyy format. Alan’s problems disappeared after that but I’ve got this particular report from at least two users … One person actually sent me all his Blog data files and I ran the publish process and I had no problems at all! I still don’t know what’s happening there but if anybody else has these problems and would like to work with me on it and try to sort it out, let me know.

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