August 22, 2001

Wow!! Yesterday’s rant had more comments than any other entry in my journal :p Thank you one and all for your comments and views. Let me clarify something here – my problem is not with the genuine concerns that theme or module authors may have with somebody using their work on a compilation CD. If WareWolf just upped and said that he was selling a compilation CD instead of saying that he was thinking of it and that if anybody didn’t want their work on the CD they could contact him and let him know, that was ill-adviced of him. But my whole problem is with the attitude of people when a person is in trouble. If you read some of the comments at LS2K, you will notice that one notable themer for whom I had a lot of respect till now (I will not name names) said that he does not want WareWolf making any profit from his work and another person commented that whatever problems that WW had was of his making and that he (meaning the person who made the comment) should not have to be bothered by it – or something along those lines. It is this callous and selfish attitude that makes me see red. But I’ve had enough of this stupidity – I will say, each to his own and still continue with the way I do things because I know there are a lot of good people in the LS community and out of it (again I will name no names because that is a pretty long list and I don’t want to leave out anybody <g>) who do believe in doing something good for their fellows with no mind towards profit or ego stroking. Now on to other stuff …

I find “Destiny’s Road” to be extremely interesting – so interesting in fact that I am almost at the end of the book. Three more chapters and I’ll be done!! I wish I had the ability of Larry Niven since he’s woven an extremely interesting world and populated it with a cast of characters who keep me totally engrossed. This is the kind of science fiction that I love and remember. Speaking of writing and science fiction, I know I haven’t continued my story (for the few of you who might be interested :p) but that’s only because I haven’t had the peace of mind to continue. I will do so as soon as I can since I like how this particular story has evolved and am looking forward to what happens next since even I don’t know what does happen <vbg>

As for Blog news, I thought I had version 4.0 complete except for a few finishing touches but Tyran suggested a change today that I think is right in keeping with the philosophy of Blog and so I intend to implement it today. Once that is done, I need to update the documentation extensively since 4.0 has added quite a few new toys to the mix and then I have to wait for a few other cosmetic things to be done and Blog 4.0 should be ready to go 🙂

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