August 23, 2001

I think I should start codenaming each build of Blog by the people who push that particular build to be what it is by feature requests or bug testing <g> Blog 3.5 was Jason and 3.7 was JeroenWelmoetTracie and 4.0 is definitely TyranPhil :p Phil probably thought that I didn’t have enough to do since I mentioned that 4.0 was almost ready and so he put forward one bug report and a couple of feature requests <vbg> Incidentally, I’m just kidding here – I appreciate all the positive input from Phil, Tyran and all the other Blog users as well as users of my other apps 🙂 If the feedback wasn’t there, none of my apps would be where they are today. So a big thank you goes out from me to all of you!!

I’ve added a new option to the Data Conversion Utility at Phil’s behest to allow a user to change the Author name from one value to another globally. This is due to the fact that from 4.0 onwards the Author is saved individually with each entry instead of being a global setting which can be easily changed. Of course, I have a feeling that I’m going to get another request soon to make that name changing option more flexible on a per-journal basis but for the moment it’s global. I also added in the remote template option so that you can associate a template with an external file – if the file changes, the template is replaced with the contents of the file. Another idea from Phil 🙂

I’ve got two other ideas from Phil that are not done yet – one I’m going to do but the other I’m simply considering at the moment. The first one is to make a more flexible purge option – which incidentally seems to have dropped out of Blog somewhere along the way :p So I’m planning to allow the option to purge entries older than a certain number of days or maybe a certain date or to purge all entries – all of these will work for the currently selected journal – not globally. The other suggestion was to have something like a < $BlogCookie> tag which would insert a random (or sequential) cookie from an external file. What do you think?

I’ve also received a request from Rick to have a title option in Blog and if I understand what he means correctly – the title would be per day and not per entry. I don’t see the usefulness of a separate field for a per entry title because you can simply use HTML to specify the title in the entry itself but a per day title is a different matter. I am interested in the idea but am wondering whether anybody else would like or need this feature besides Rick? As always, I’m open to comments, suggestions, requests etc.

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