August 5, 2001

Been really busy with coding yesterday that I didn’t update the journal or respond to most of my e-mails. So what was I busy with? Not NewsHoard unfortunately – it was Blog again :p It’s mostly UI related stuff like the ability to hide either of your toolbars and have the setting saved across sessions, a system tray icon with a little context menu, lots of keyboard shortcuts, the option to display the archive links on the journal itself – so that you could have a little side-bar with links to older posts. Lots of stuff like that and most (if not all <g>) of them were suggested by Jason.

Speaking of Jason, he did a great guide for people moving from Blogger to Blog about how to convert their templates over and I should have put it up yesterday but I was too busy. So I have rectified the omission today by putting up the guide and also updating the FAQ/Know Defects section of the Blog page so that it is a little bit (but not much) more helpful :p

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