August 10, 2001

Since I am hosting the PHP scripts for my comments at BarrysWorld, I thought I might as well put up another mirror site there. They give me only about 25MB of space but that should be more than enough for the journal and if I keep only the latest files there even my apps should fit in comfortably. I’ll change the mirror links tomorrow since it’s late but I just wanted to get this done before I went to bed …

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Haven’t done much today except to slowly work on a few bugs and fixes to Blog. Jeroen who had the FTP problems e-mailed me to say that the FTP problems were gone but he did find another bug that I fixed. Then I talked a bit to Tracie and helped her with getting her site to work with Blog. In the process, she uncovered another bug that I had to fix. Tracie also pointed me in the direction of a method to get a comments system working on all my sites even though I can’t host PHP on any of them!! I’m really excited about this and am about to test out whether it actually works … here goes!

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I was able to help get three Blog users set up yesterday and I consider that to be pretty big achievement 🙂 Two of them were from Netherland and were suffering from what I used to call the “mysterious Dutch problem” <vbg> With their help I was finally able to figure out what the mysterious Dutch problem was – it wasn’t so mysterious (if I’d really thought about it :p) and it isn’t specific to the Dutch … Basically the problem would have cropped up on Blog running on almost any non-English (or it could even be non-US-English) version of Windows. It turns out that the database system that I use (DBISAM from ElevateSoft) sets the language and date format for all operations based on the language id of Windows and does not care what the date format set in the Control Panel is. Since I was using the US date format internally, this would create a problem on machines which had non-US versions of Windows …

A modified build solved the problem for one of the Dutch users but the other one still has problems because the new changes to FTP connections screws up things on his particular FTP server. So I’ve done another build which hopefully fixes the problem and have sent it to him. If that proves to be successful, I’ll be releasing Blog 3.7 sometime today or during the weekend.

Speaking of releases, I’ve got NewsHoard ready for release but have been holding back since I still have to do the documentation and change the current Gossip page to reflect the name and feature changes. Oh the joy’s of doing software :p

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