August 13, 2001

Ok, I finally managed to find some time to update the Gossip documentation to reflect the name change to NewsHoard and even add a little bit of information about the new functionality :p So I guess that means we are ready for a NewsHoard 2.0 Beta release and there it is on the side bar 🙂 Have fun and as always let me know of bugs, features, suggestions etc.

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Ok, I’m finally releasing the much delayed Blog 3.7 … Yeah, yeah I know, NewsHoard should have been released first but what can I say? I’m lazy and I still haven’t modified the docs :p Anyway, a word of caution to existing Blog users, you’ll need to download the Data Conversion utility again and run it to update your databases plus if you have a crash as soon as you start Blog (you almost certainly will …) simply delete your existing Blog.cfg file and you should be fine after that. Those few users who had advanced copies of Blog 3.7 need not run the data conversion again but they are adviced to get the Blog 3.7 download again since this release has a few tweaks over the various builds they might have 🙂 That’s about it – I’ll try to get the NewsHoard beta out sometime today too if I can …

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