August 29, 2001

Have you ever had a dream where you dreamt that you were dreaming? Boy, that sounds confusing :p What I meant was that you dreamt that you were sleeping and while you were sleeping (in your dream) you have another dream? I had that happen to me last night and boy was it confusing! I woke up (in my dream) and said “Oh I was dreaming” and then I woke up for real and said “Ah, I was dreaming!” <vbg> Now I know exactly how Morpheus feels like but then again, that’s why I started writing that story in the first place – because I sometimes wonder about my own dreams 🙂 Speaking of Morpheus and my story, I know I haven’t been writing it – again (as Tyran pointed out to me yesterday <g>) but I will get back to it soon, I promise!

I have to say that Glenn Crouch over at Addictive Software is the fastest support I’ve ever got from anybody! I wrote to them yesterday asking them about how to get Addict (their spell checker component) working with one of the memo components I was testing out and I got a response back in less than an hour and that is fast!! I highly recommend Addictive Software to anybody who wants a spell checking component for Delphi (not just because they gave me a copy for free <vbg>) because it’s a great component and their support is top notch!

Speaking of great support, I did hear from the PlusMemo people in the form of an e-mail from Raymond Courteau – turns out that they had responded to me earlier but my e-mail server had bounced the e-mail back. (Wonder how many other people can’t get a hold of me for the same reason? Maybe it’s time to change e-mail addys …) They didn’t want to provide me with a free copy of their component but they did say that I could use the demo one with the nag screen in Blog. So that’s what I’ve decided to do since I really don’t see a point to paying money to get a component that I’ll use in an app that I will give away for free :p But Raymond has been really helpful with figuring out a problem that I had with PlusMemo and Addict even though I am not a registered user! Now that’s service 🙂

I got PlusMemo and Addict to work exactly the way I want them to with Blog and finally BlogPlus is ready! I do have a few minor things to fix and then I will be putting up a copy for download. If you do like the app but don’t like the nag screen, I have a solution that won’t cost you a penny 🙂 (No it’s not a crack :p) All you have to do is sign up for PayPal giving me as a referrer and I believe you get $5 in your account and I get $5 in mine for you doing that. Once I have enough, I can simply buy PlusMemo and get rid of the nag screen! How’s that for an idea? 🙂

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