August 26, 2001

Now I’m pissed off … again :p Some guy went over to BetaNews and said something along the lines of “why should I use Blog when there is Blogger? I give it 3 instead of 1 (out of 5) only because it is nicely done …” What has Blogger got to do with Blog? One is a web based app and the other is not! Plus, there are many reasons why people prefer to use Blog instead of Blogger (and I did list some of them there though technically I shouldn’t be rating my own app <vbg>) I’m proud of Blog and I do try hard to ensure that the users get a very good app and it really gets my goat when somebody disses an app (whether it is mine or somebody elses) just because there is an alternative and they prefer it. Review something based on merit not based on the fact that you like something better!!

Anyway, I was stuck at work yesterday till about 5 o’clock though the actual work was over with about two hours earlier. I spent the time trying out some new stuff that I wanted to put into … umm … Blog <vbg> I’m not sure that I will be releasing these new additions as a general release because it probably is a lot of bloat for most users since what I am adding in is support for writers mostly – stuff like automatic spell-checking, a thesaurus and perhaps syntax highlighting (if I can get that to work properly …) so that HTML tags will be displayed better. I moved the code over to a different directory and have named it BlogPlus for the moment but till I get it working I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. If it isn’t too bulky, it might become Blog 5.0 but if not, then I’ll probably have a separate BlogPlus that I’ll use and anybody else who wants it can use but Blog will remain as it is now … Guess we’ll see …

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