August 7, 2001

I have been getting so far behind on my e-mail that it’s not funny. Plus, I have major problems with sending out e-mail during the week since I don’t have access to a proper SMTP server from work that I’m not even sure that half the people that I write to, do get my e-mails. So if you’ve written to me in the last week or so, it might be that I’ve written to you but you didn’t get my e-mail or it might be that I didn’t write at all because I was too busy :p

Speaking of busy, I’ve been back to working hard on NewsHoard. I’ve got the basic news reader functionality all in place except for handling/decoding images or attachments. I want to get that sorted out too since a news reader wouldn’t be too useful if you had to take the encoded images and use a different program to decode them <vbg> I am not sure that everybody would like the UI though since it seems a bit cluttered and busy what with the tree list on the left for backend news feeds and the left hand side being devoted to usenet news stuff but I’m thinking of giving the option to hide either side or keep them both open. I guess what I’ll do is do a prototype release as soon as I get basic functionality in place and then sit back and wait for the comments 🙂

Finally I have a rant :p Now KuhnDog tells me that ranting is “trendy” and I hate to do stuff that is simply trendy <g> But I’ve been getting on my soap box every now and then for as long as I can remember and since I was doing it before it became trendy, I think I’m entitled to rant – so here goes :p Today I heard two stories on the radio while driving to work which kind of made me mad. The first story was about an editor of “Vogue” magazine (I think) who is supposed to have been “ripping” on Hollywood clebrities. His comments? He said that Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks was hyperactive, that Robin Williams should stop with the message stuff, that Leonardo Caprio should go to college – that was ripping? Come on! I’ve heard better insults at the kindergarten! In the next story (or couple of stories) they talked about Mariah Carey going in for treatment for emotional stress and about a 60 year old Japanese woman giving birth to a child through in-utero fertilization. The DJ refused to make any funny remarks about Mariah Carey but they made several supposedly funny remarks about the Japanese woman and her baby. This leads me to ask the question – Do we take our celebrities too serioulsy? Do we think that they are above reproach and should be venerated instead of treated like normal human beings? I sometimes wonder …

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