August 30, 2001

Well … Tyran pointed out a few more bugs and certain things that could be improved in Blog yesterday and so there’s lots for me to do :p Plus, I’ve decided to merge the Blog and BlogPlus source code since it is going to get harder and harder to maintain two different sets of sources. Of course, this will mean that I will have to go to a two distro format – a full install and an upgrade – so as to keep the download size minimal for existing users but I think that’s worth it 🙂 This means that I will not be doing a release of BlogPlus but be doing something along the lines of Blog 5.0 beta 1 or Blog 5.0 PR1 as soon as I get the last few features that I want to add in and get the bugs sorted out.

The spell checker and thesaurus aren’t by any means the only new additions I want for Blog 5.0 however. I want to add a new < $BlogCookie> tag which will insert a random or sequential cookie into the blog from an internal database. This however, again brings up the whole bloat vs. feature debate since I’m not sure that everybody would want that particular feature. So what I’m contemplating at the moment is sort of a compromise – I will have the < $BlogCookie> tag and the cookie insertion feature in Blog but I will not have a UI for cookie management in Blog since that would have been the source of a major size-jump in Blog. Instead, I am thinking of coding a new Fortune Cookie app which will provide all the cookie management functionality for Blog and allow you to even have an automated signature generator 🙂 Blog and this new app will share the same database and people who want cookie functionality will have to download both but for others, there shouldn’t be too much of a size increase in Blog. What do you think?

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