August 18, 2001

My story is turning out to be pretty interesting 🙂 I caught up to what I had previously written yesterday and in fact had to do some editing to get yesterday’s episode in. I had forgotten that when you type on a handheld about a page or two can look like a lot <vbg> I had had only a basic idea about where the story would lead but I began thinking about it yesterday and completely altered the plot from where it was originally supposed to go … I still am working out the details but I like how it’s turning out but it might change again – so guess both you and I will have to wait to see how it turns out …

I did some more coding on Blog as well. The 4.0 release is shaping up pretty well and I have almost all of the functionality in place except for one element – remote templates. The idea was suggested to me by Phil Stopford – to have templates driven by external files which would basically update the Blog template if the external file had changed. I like the idea since it can be handy in certain situations but am still toying with the idea since there are a few other things to be considred.

Another idea that I’ve been toying with has been that of introducing an installer for Blog. I don’t particularly like an installer since an installer means that you have no idea of what goes on and have no control of what gets installed where. But then again, I can see how it can be helpful to not so computer savvy users. I even played a little with the NullSoft installer since it adds very little overhead, shows all the stuff it’s doing and is freeware but I can’t get the two different types of installs – full and upgrade – working right from one package. So I might not be doing an installer after all – just as well :p

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