August 27, 2001

Since I kvetch all the time about how bad, selfish or callous people are, for a change I’m going to talk about how good and generous people are 🙂 As I mentioned yesterday, I was looking into adding spellchecker and thesaurus support to Blog. This meant that I needed to have two Delphi components – a spellchecker/thesaurus component and a memo component which supported syntax highlighting (the latter not necessarily for the spellchecking but for another feature that I wanted to implement …). So I looked around and the first spellchecking component I looked at was Addictive Software’s Addict. I liked it so much that I didn’t even bother to look around for any others :p I e-mailed the people at Addictive Software and told them that I was doing a freeware app and whether they’d consider giving me a free copy of Addict. Glen Crouch at Addict wrote back almost immediately (on a Sunday!) and told me that they’d be happy to give me a copy of Addict as long as it was used for freeware! I am just bowled over by such generosity! I can only say thank you Glen and all the other folks at Addictive Software!!!

My choice for the memo component was PlusMemo from from Electro-Concept Mauricie – I wrote to them as well and asked them about the possibility of getting a free copy of their component but have not heard from them yet. I hope they say yes because then I can actually get to work on building this new version of Blog which is going to be pretty cool! I currently do have a prototype going at my end using trial versions but that has nag screens and stuff. Anyway, stay tuned as to what happens and once again, thanks Addictive Software!!

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