August 3, 2001

Yesterday was pretty busy in terms of coding but most of it wasn’t for NewsHoard – it was for Blog <g> First of all, I completely revamped the archiving and publishing processes – or at least the FTP part of it so that an FTP connection is not terminated at the end of each file transfer. Instead, the connection is terminated only if the next file transfer is to a different site. This eliminated the multiple FTP connections to the same site that happened in previous versions of Blog. Thanks should again go to Jason for pointing out the problem … Then I heard from Alan Dawson from Bangkok who pointed out that Blog seemed to have problems with system date formats other than the American one :p It took me a while to figure it out but once I did, I fired off a new build to Alan and he tells me today that everything’s fine now. There was also a problem that Jason reported with regards to using menu items in Blog under Win95 and experiencing a crash – I think I fixed it but forgot to ask Jason whether it works now. So all in all, a lot of fixes and features and improvements to Blog – so while I was kind of reluctant to let one of my apps move ahead of the others in terms of version numbers <g>, I think I’ll have to release a new build of Blog soon … maybe today but definitely this weekend 🙂

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