July 29, 2001

I just got back from watching “Planet of the Apes” and was going to write my opinion of it (and I still will after I get through writing about what I’m going to write about …) but I received an e-mail in my inbox which took precedence. The e-mail was from Evan Williams, CEO of Blogger.Com, who asks me to “change the name of your software to something less similar/potentially confusing with Blogger”. He’s talking of course about Blog. Now I don’t see how people can confuse his web-based software with my local-machine based software and I don’t see why we can’t live and let live instead of causing problems for each other. I am really upset about this since I don’t make any money off of Blog (or any of my other software for that matter) nor am I part of a corporation like Evan Williams is. I am not sure that I want to be bullied about this whole thing and am currently of the opinion that I shouldn’t have to do anything of the fact. I guess we’ll see after I respond to Evan – all in all, not a very good day …

Even without the whole “cease and desist” stuff, the day wasn’t going too well since “Planet of the Apes” proved to be a disappointment – I went in expecting a full course meal and instead I was treated to what amounted to an appetizer or some dessert :p The story was interesting but not enough to keep your attention riveted. I was constantly jarred by apes (if you will pardon the pun) aping current human behaviour, language and even idioms. If these were highly-evolved apes in a different milieu, I wouldn’t expect them to act thus. The whole thing would have been appropriate in a satire or a parody but not in a supposedly serious tale … at least that’s how I felt. Anyway, to me most of the characters lacked conviction because of this one particular thing – though there were many other little nits that I could have picked about the plot <g> But the biggest hole by far is in the ending which makes no sense at all unless the creative team basically wanted to somehow top the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the sand scene from the original. I won’t reveal the ending and so can’t really discuss it at detail but I think it was a totally ridiculous ending but a good hook for the sequel – which I’m almost sure is going to make an appearance sooner or later.

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