July 20, 2001

I’ve been doing some looking around and though I didn’t find an exact forum/message board system that I wanted (I wanted the ability to create a new discussion or thread simply via a hyperlink), I decided to go with the system provided by World Crossing for the moment till I can find a better alternative. So now you have both discussion forums and a chat option – link’s on the side bar … So talk back and let me know what you think :p

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Today is going to be an interesting day 🙂 The company I work for changed their dress-code a couple of days ago and asked us to wear a jacket and tie on Fridays since they have certain of their representatives coming in every Friday for training (or should I call it indoctrination? <vbg>) While I think the change in policy is kinda stupid, I wouldn’t have had any problems complying except for the wording of the “request” – it basically stated that if we weren’t properly dressed, we would be sent back home to get dressed properly and come back and the hours we were away would be unpaid time. That to me sounds a lot like saying “you are our serfs and we will tell you what to do and if you don’t comply, we have a big stick!”. Now, that kind of thing to me is like waving a red flag in front of a bull (and you needn’t bother telling me that the bull is color-blind and it’s the motion – I know that but it sounds better :p) and so I’ve come to work dressed as I normally do. I’m waiting to see what happens and if I do indeed get asked to go home, I won’t be coming back and they’ll be getting my resignation letter. Of course, that would mean that I’d have to leave the US and go back to Sri Lanka as well but hey, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do 🙂 Am I crazy? I probably am but at least I’m a crazy individual not a drone :p

Watched parts three and four of “RoboCop: Prime Directives” last night – one was recorded on DVR and the other was live. Excellent! I really enjoyed the series even though the ending was kind of predictable 🙂 When the movie ended, I got up feeling kind of warm and tingly with this feeling of needing to go forth and do some good and to me, that means a good movie <g>

Tyran Ormond wrote in with a suggestion for Blog that actually completed a thought that had been at the back of my mind and set of a whole series of things in motion. His suggestion was simple enough – to have sort of a Blog tag to uniquely identify each journal entry. I had been thinking the same thing from the perspective of linking to older entries but Tyran wanted it so that comments could be added for each entry. The unique ID along with automatic archiving of older entries would be good enough to serve as the basis for Blog 3.0 and so I’ll probably be working on that though I’d hoped to do a final of Scope 2.0 before that … Oh well … I need to do the final of Blog 2.5 before that though <g>

Tyran’s comments about comments set me to thinking about adding a comments feature to my own journal. Of course, I don’t want to mess with PHP and mySQL since I host on several different servers – the best option for me would be a free service which allows me to somehow add links for each journal entry. I have been looking at a few message board systems but nothing seems to do what I want. Anybody have any suggestions? If I do add the comments (and I don’t get kicked out of the US <vbg>), I’ll probably also add a webcam to the site while I’m at it 🙂 I had been thinking about that for a while but really had no motivation to go ahead and do so but adding comments makes it somehow a little bit more personal and gives it a sort of a community feeling and so I feel the webcam would fit in too … of course, considering that you’ll be seeing my ugly mug a lot, that might not be a good idea :p

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