July 19, 2001

Just wanted to mention something really nice that KuhnDog did since it is very rare to find people doing something for others … sinesolis (who also helps me out a lot by doing something for nothing …) was looking for a place to host his online story which is currently here. KuhnDog had been nice enough to give me space to host a mirror of my site and when I told him about sinesolis, he immediately said that he’d offer him a subdomain. I find it really refreshing that somebody would just do something like that for somebody they didn’t even know and it kinda makes me feel that we as a race are perhaps not without redeeming qualities after all 🙂

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I very much wanted to watch the third part in the new RoboCop mini-series, “RoboCop: Prime Directives – Resurrection” yesterday but I fell asleep while watching John C. Dvorak discuss Mac OS X on Silicon Spin :p Hmm .. I wonder whether that’s a reflection on the show, the host or the subject matter? <vbg> I’m kidding … I like Silicon Spin though sometimes it feels like the tech version of Jerry Springer <g> and I certainly don’t like the way they skim over the topics instead of concentrating on any particular aspect for too long … but I still like the subject choices they make.

Anyway, the reason I fell asleep was because I’d been staying up the previous two days to watch the first two parts of the RoboCop mini-series. Fortunately, my DVR/PVR (Digital Video Recorder/Personal Video Recorder) that comes with DishNetwork was on the job and was already recording the show when I woke up from my slumbers and so I just decided to let the recording continue and just go to bed 🙂 I guess I’ll just have to catch up on the show today …

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