July 3, 2001

OK, here’s the long awaited Beta 1 … actually it’s not long awaited but I felt I had to say something to qualify it :p There are quite a few fixes and all of you have to thank jugg again for going through the build I had in the morning and finding a few more bugs! There are still some annoyances – like the auto-complete feature on the address bar and not being able to use CTRL+C and CTRL+V on the address bar (you have to use the right-click menu instead) but most of the other stuff is (hopefully …) working! Enjoy!

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Did quite a bit of coding and re-coding of Scope yesterday 🙂 I went back and changed a few things back and forth to see what worked best and I might even have the security options working though I’m not sure yet since I couldn’t test the changes properly yesterday. If they do work, expect a beta to be released soemtime in the evening today when I do get home … Well, actually I’ll be releasing the beta even if the security stuff doesn’t work since either way, Scope is done for this particular release once I verify whether the security stuff works or not …

On another front, KuhnDog has finally convinced me to try and get a domain of my own instead of staying at Tripod and subjecting everybody to the problems of Tripod :p I’m currently considering GoDaddy since their rates seem to be very cheap – $6.95 per year if I register for 10 years – for registering the domain itself (KuhnDog has kindly volunteered to host the domain when he gets set at his new ISP – thanks KuhnDog!!). Anybody have any prior experience with GoDaddy or know of somewhere cheaper? Always appreciate any input I can get from any of you 🙂

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