July 23, 2001

Ok, I did manage to find the time to get Blog 2.5 out. Existing Blog users should be aware of the fact that there has been a change made to the internal Blog storage format due to the inclusion of the new tag to uniquely identify all Blog entries. So, the first thing you should do if you want to keep your existing Blog entries is to download the Blog Data Conversion Utility (which I’m also releasing) and convert your existing data. The Conversion Utility comes packaged as a self-extracting archive but there is no documentation. Simply extract the contents of the archive, copy the Convert.Exe file over to where you have Blog installed and run it to have your data converted. Then download the new Blog archive and copy over just the Blog executable and you should be ready to go! (Of course you might want to backup your Blog directory just in case … :p) The download links are in the side-bar as usual. Enjoy!!

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I think I wrote last week about Tyran Ormond’s suggestions for Blog. Well, Tyran and I have been communicating back and forth and I actually did a new build of Blog which contains a unique identification number for each Blog entry so that you can use a comments system with Blog. I was hoping to release the new build sometime over the weekend as Blog 2.5 final but never got around to it due to a variety of reasons. However, I sent Tyran a private copy and he used it to set up the best looking site that use Blog I’ve seen, for his wife. The site, What Do I Know?, is so good looking that I actually feel justified in having created Blog :p

I should be releasing Blog 2.5 final sometime today but since the addition of a unique ID meant changes to the database format used by Blog, I had to create a conversion utility to make the transition easier for those people who are using Blog already. So I’ll have to do packaging, docs etc and what it will come down to is how much time I will have during lunch <g>

The webcam is umm … working … I guess 🙂 It wasn’t on full time yesterday since I am on a dial-up connection from home and am not always online but today it’ll be on more but since it’s pointed more at my notebook and I switch between two computers at work, it might not always have anybody in the pic … That might actually be a blessing :p Still looking out for some good webcam software though … I am really not happy with the one I’m using currently but haven’t had the time to look around for something else yet. Maybe soon …

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