July 31, 2001

Haven’t had much time to work on the Gossip improvements since I last did an update – perhaps today. I’d really like to get the backend news feed stuff working though since there is this neat SF news site that I want to get daily (or even hourly :p) feeds from. Speaking of SF, I watched an episode of Exposure on the Sci-Fi channel that I’d recorded on Sunday since it was a special to coincide with the release of “The Planet of the Apes”. Is it just me or is Lisa Marie (not Presley) really creepy? She seems to have no emotions at all on screen – when she smiles the smile never reaches her eyes and she talks as if it was all rehearsed. Now I might be doing her a great injustice in saying she has no emotions but that’s the way she appears on TV … and speaking of Lisa Marie and “The Planet of the Apes”, it is almost a natural segue to something that I forgot to mention when I talked about “The Planet of the Apes” after watching the movie. Am I mistaken or does Helena Bonham Carters character of Ari bear an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson? I was struck by the resemblance the moment the character first appeared on screen and the more I see Ari in TV spots and trailers, the more striking the resemblance seems 🙂

As far as the whole Blogger situation goes, as I mentioned yesterday I wrote to Evan Williams but still haven’t heard from him. Just mentioning it in case some of you are wondering what the heck happened … though maybe you’re not wondering at all <vbg>

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