July 21, 2001

Eddie Elmore over at BetaNews has been corresponding back and forth with me for a while now about my submissions of new releases of Blog and was kind enough to suggest that they would mirror a Blog download from BetaNews. So I’ve added a special BetaNews Blog mirror link on the side-bar.

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I watched “Nurse Betty” yesterday. The movie began really well – the nice, low key yet somehow persistent theme that set the tone, Morgan Freeman – that voice which sounds like thick syrup oozing down and need I even mention his acting? -, Chris Rock being his usual, brash and loud self and of course, Rene Zellweger being so wholly natural and sweet 🙂 It was a really great beginning for a movie … then it becomes like what Sam Weller in “The Pickwick Papers” says about the parson’s egg – good in places <g> Rene Zellweger was great as Betty – she was sweet, gentle, sometimes confused but always determined … in fact, Betty to a T 🙂 But while I think Morgan Freeman is a great actor and loved most of his moments with others in the movie, almost all of his scenes with Chris Rock grated on me. While the two were needed to move the plot along, I almost wished that the scenes with the two of them had not been there since they seemed to interrupt the flow of the movie as a whole. In fact, when Chris Rock’s character gets killed towards the end of the movie, I was ecstatic :p Overall, it was a great movie – none of the bodily function, sexual innuendo stuff that insults the viewer’s intelligence or reflects the writer’s lack thereof. A good, straight story that you can enjoy!

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