July 22, 2001

I watched “Snatch” today – pretty good movie. Initially the conglomeration of accents, the confusing jumping back and forth in the story and the weird camera angles and editing tends to be a bit intimidating but after a while the movie really gets you hooked. The separate but connected storylines can be confusing but at the same time it keeps you interested. The soundtrack is upbeat and in tempo with the story and the plot has more twists than a corkscrew caught in a four-way car wreck :p I especially loved some of the symbolic stuff like the coursing scene where two dogs chase a rabbit and the scene switches back and forth between that and two hoods chasing a guy they’re after 🙂 I loved how the different plot elements kept on piling one on top of the other like cars on a freeway on the first snowy day of winter <g> I haven’t seen any of Guy Ritchie’s other work – especially the much talked about “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” – but I think his work is definitely worth a look.

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Watched “Miss Congeniality” yesterday. I laughed out loud at several scenes, enjoyed the movie immensely and yet can’t but help have some critiques :p The only thing that I didn’t like about the movie was that it had sort of a farcial quality to it – Sandra Bullock is tougher than tough, her character is not feminine at all and I find that hard to believe. I find it harder to believe that she goes through life believing that she’s not attractive at all and has to go through an ugly-duckling to swan transformation to finally realize that she looks good. If you don’t mind that sort of inconsistentcy (and to be honest, while I did notice the stuff, it still didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie …), it’s a great movie and I really liked the sound-track – must see about getting it on CD 🙂

As I mentioned a few days ago, I wanted to set up a webcam for the journal. Now, why would I want to show my ugly mug off to the whole world you may ask? I ask myself the same question :p I guess the short answer is to give the journal a more personal touch … I like to be able to visualize the person I’m talking to and since I am basically carrying on a dialog (albeit a one-sided one <g>) with whoever is reading this page, I decided a webcam might help. Plus, somebody who read my journal once commented that they really liked my site because it had a sort of a community feeling to it – so I’m trying to totally destroy it by scaring off everybody who sees my face <vbg> Anyway, I got a Video Blaster WebCam Go from Best Buy yesterday and am about to do my first trial-runs with it … Let’s see how it goes …

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