July 9, 2001

… Then there was “Kiss of the Dragon” which I saw yesterday – a very action packed movie which once again showcases Jet Li’s martial arts skills to the maximum but ultimately unsatisfying because Jet Li’s character seems somehow two-dimensional. There is nothing which made the character endearing to me so that I would invest in him emotionally – to me it seemed like Jet Li playing Jet Li. I was really hoping for good stuff since I enjoyed Jet Li’s “Romeo Must Die” immensely but I guess all movies aren’t created equal :p

I did see the previews for “Planet of the Apes” before “Kiss of the Dragon” started and that movie seems to have a theme that quite a few of my favorite movies have – the fact that one man can make a difference! This certainly isn’t the old “Planet of the Apes” which while a classic did not have the grand scale that the remake seems to have. I watched the previews and was pumped up by Mark Wahlberg’s character taking on the might of the entire Ape forces and inspiring the downtrodden humans to rise up with him – I’m certainly gonna be lining up at the theater when “Planet of the Apes” is released on July 27th … well, maybe not the 27th since I don’t like going to the movies on Friday but certainly the 28th <vbg>

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