July 17, 2001

Did some work on both Blog and Scope yesterday. I finally implemented the automatic new window blocking button and a StartUp option to specify whether to have it enabled or disabled on Scope start up. I also did some changes to the way Scope is registered as the default browser to ensure that paths with spaces in them will be handled correctly. Of course, this is not enough to warrant a new build and I do have to do some further bug fixes and so don’t expect a new beta build yet :p On the Blog side, I fixed something I should have a long time ago – the date selection for the archival dialog. I was using a component where the date drop downs were very sensitive and would usually jump about two months when you click a forward or backward arrow – it’s now fixed. I also received the nifty new icons from sinesolis for Blog yesterday and I need to add them to the UI and then add the file upload manager to Blog so that basically Blog will combine the features of Blog and BOB 🙂

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if I’ll be doing much coding in the evenings this week. The Sci Fi Channel has got a great new RoboCop series the whole week – it’s four episodes each two hours long running from Monday to Thursday. I watched the first part yesterday and it really looks good. The feel of the story and setting seems really close to the original movie and they take up some of the loose threads from the original story such as introducing Murphy’s son now all grown up since this storyline takes place 10 years later. I found the first episode really interesting and so will probably be glued to the TV the rest of the week – I know, I’m really sad but that’s how it is when you have no life <vbg>

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