July 15, 2001

I’d bought quite a few DVD’s yesterday (including the “Die Hard Absolute Collection” – which I absolutely love <vbg> – for $52 at Sam’s … you’ve gotta go get it since it’s cheaper at Sam’s than online though jugg who went to CostCo after he talked to me says it’s only $49 at CostCo) and so was determined not to go to the movies today. But the words Di Nero, Brando & Norton (Edward not Peter or Andre :p) kept going through my mind and I finally gave in and went to see “The Score” and I’m glad I did 🙂 It’s a great heist movie and the story, the pacing, the acting – everything’s top notch! Well, maybe the story is not absolutely tops but the rest is great 🙂 Edward Norton in particular gives a brilliant Adam Sandleresque performance as Brian – one of the two characters he plays – or rather the character that he plays plays – don’t ask, watch the movie <vbg> I expected a few more twists to the ending but other than that, it was great – go see it 🙂

In addition to the movie itself, the previews yielded a hopeful, a possible and one definite good movie 🙂 The hopeful is “Summer Catch” – a movie starring Freddie Prinz Jr. and Jessica Biel (Mary Camden from TV’s “Seventh Heaven”). It seems as if it might be giving into the current trend of adolescent humour and sexual innuendo with nothing substantial in the way of story but I’m hopeful that there is a good romantic comedy underneath it all (hey, I like a good romantic comedy, so sue me :p) The possible is “Rat Race” – God knows it’s got enough talent in there to make it good (actors of the caliber of Whoopi Goldber, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jon Lovitz, Rowan Atkinson, John Cleese are but some of the people involved) and what I saw of the movie looked really funny without it stooping to the level of sophomoric humour that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately :p I think it’s gonna be good but it’s hard to say sometimes just based on the previews because that might be all the good bits from the movie <vbg> The definite is “Hardball” starring Keanu Reeves. It’s one of those feel-good movies that make you just want to cry or to jump up and pump your arms in excitement or just go out and do some real good in the world. The sound-track sounded good as well and the only thing I regret is that I’ll have to wait till September to see the movie – oh well …

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Did I mention that I heard from sinesolis recently? His online story at NobodySpecial.com had not been updated for a while and I was beginning to think he’d dropped off the face of the earth when he suddenly reappeared. He’d moved and so I guess was offline for a bit but now he’s back and he’s already done a new button for Scope to support the new No New Window toggle button I was talking about. I asked him if he would do some new buttons for Blog and today I received a conceptual screenshot from him which I personally think is great 🙂 It gives a completely new and exciting look to Blog than the old, drab buttons I had put in did <vbg> In case you are wondering what the new buttons look like, here they are:

I watched “Unbreakable” yesterday – it’s M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie after “The Sixth Sense” and he still retains the same brilliant touch. Reviews that I had read seemed to suggest that “Unbreakable” was much slower paced than “The Sixth Sense” but I really didn’t notice it because the story moves along rapidly. In fact, I was so engrossed by the story that I watched it in one sitting on DVD! The last time I recall doing that was when I watched “Magnolia” and that was a great story too!! In fact, I was beginning to think that I was becoming jaded and that the fact that I wasn’t enjoying new movies was my fault but “Unbreakable” proved that it wasn’t so – I just hadn’t seen any good movies lately :p I won’t say anything much about the story itself in case I spoil it for somebody else but it is a darn good movie – the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it seemed to end a bit abruptly. Night Shymalan says on the DVD that it was actually a first act that played out as a full feature but I see it more like a pretty good first and second act but a very brief third act which leaves us wanting a longer conclusion or at least a sequel so that we will know what happened next …

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