July 2, 2001

BetaNews somehow discovered the release of the Scope 2.0 Alpha and posted that on their main page and suddenly I got a lot more visitors over the weekend to my page than I normally do and quite a few bug reports and feature requests 🙂 Sometimes I have to e-mail people to no avail to publicize the release of an app and at other times like this, I get publicity that I didn’t really want <vbg> I didn’t want the release of the Alpha to be generally known since it lacks a lot of features – it was simply put there for regular readers to see how far I’d gotten along on the coding of Scope … Oh well …

What irritated me more was a review of Scope 2.0 Alpha that some guy did at BetaNews :p Instead of doing a fair review, he decided to take the space to advertise NetCaptor. Now as some of you know, I’ve used NetCaptor myself and started on Scope because I didn’t want to have to pay for an app that I could code myself plus I didn’t want to put up with the adds (and other minor irritations) in the free version. I don’t think NetCaptor is a bad program – it’s just not for me. And I have no problems with somebody doing a review of Scope and saying it’s bad … provided they gave the reasons. But when somebody says “OK Scope’s fine but I use NetCaptor so go get it!”, as a review for Scope, that makes me mad … Ok, Ok enough ranting early on a Monday morning :p

Didn’t do as much coding over the weekend as I’d hoped but I did manage to complete the functionality for all the menu options in Scope 2.0 except for the security and download stuff which allows you to select what you want to download (images, sound etc.) and run (JavaScript, ActiveX etc.) on a per session basis. This is something that I really liked in Scope 1.0 and I know some other people did too. I don’t know whether I will be able to implement this particular feature in Delphi though … I am going to look into it sometime today after I fix a couple of things that I seem to have broken in streamlining the code :p

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